Effie’s Heart


 Summer delivery just arrived!.

You have all responded phenomenally to our “vintage inspired” collections in seasons past, and this Season from Effie’s Heart does not disappoint. Supremely well made separates and dresses in timeless shapes and modern fabrics. Effie’s heart will find its place in your heart too.



For all modern women who yearn for the true glamour of yesteryear, Effie’s Heart has come to save the day. Kimo, founder of Effie’s Heart, has a lust for easy living, an appreciation of eclectic beauty, and a taste for the finer things of fashion’s past – all of which come together to bridge new fashion ground in Effie’s Heart.

As a fashion adventurist who believes in the accessibility of style, Kimo has created a line wearable by any modern woman who believes that comfort can coincide with fashion. Using color palettes inspired by antique catalogs, art history, nature, and vintage clothing, Kimo has painted a fashion canvas that is both endearing and unique. Fighting against the forces of sameness that trends push onto mass culture, Kimo would like to introduce Effie’s Heart to all those who believe there is still room for original inspiration.