What is Organic?

We often get this inquiry, and it is an important aspect of the choices we make in what we sell here at the Gecko. We try to fill the shop with as many organically fabricated collections as possible. Those include: Synergy, Amour Vert, Whitewash and others. Below you may find some clarification. Of course, we can tell you more when you visit!

Organic Cotton


Organic cotton maintains the soft and classic feel of cotton without using any toxic pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. Conventional cotton production uses 10% of the world’s pesticides and 25% of all insecticides. Join us on our mission to keep chemicals out of the soil and off of your body.


Bamboo grows wild without the aid of fertilizers, pesticides or any chemical assistance whatsoever. Bamboo fabric is durable and breathable, and its incredible softness and natural luster are exceptional.

Peace Silk

Silk is a natural fiber that has unfortunately become unsustainable through mass production. The Peace silk process does not cruelly kill the hard-working silk worms; instead, it allows the moths to emerge from their cocoons and live.


Tencel is a natural fiber engineered from wood pulp cellulose in a waste-free production process. Tencel offers a unique combination of fabric properties : it is soft as silk, cool as linen, warm as wool and as absorbent as cotton.


Soy fabric is made from the by-products of soy oil and is often referred to as “vegetable cashmere” for its deliciously soft yet natural properties. The anti-wrinkle characteristics and elegant draping abilities of organic soy-cotton blend give clothing its unique look and feel.


Modal is a breakthrough in sustainability among the reconstituted natural fibers, famous for its softness and high color brilliance. Made from the cellulose of beech trees our modal is used in a blend with our soy fabrics and gives an unforgettable touch and feel to clothing.


Hemp has no insect enemies and so requires no herbicides or pesticides, making it a truly organic and durable fabric. It is one of the oldest and strongest natural fibers in the world. Hemp’s strength and shape resistance allow for the practical sophistication of a variety of looks.

While some of the above procedures involve chemical treatment of the primary cellulose product, many of the Gecko’s suppliers only sources from certified manufacturers that use a closed loop recycling procedure that minimizes waste, pollutants, and resource intensity.


Fair Trade Federation members have one primary purpose: to support farmers and artisans in developing countries through the practice of fair trade. Fair trade guides each and every trading decision that Fair Trade Federation members make. Because of this, their practices are radically different from those of other businesses. Workers earn a living wage, the businesses support a variety of social services in the region, components of the products are as minimally processed as possible and ultimately, the community benefits in multiple ways. Supporting Fair Trade products is a pro-human and planet choice.And a note about “Fair Trade”: